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Dates: 5 - 8 April 2024.

Registration starts on
15 september 2023.

Registration starts on 1 September 2024.

• Maximum 250 dancers
• Huge space around for resting
• Perfect wooden dancefloor
• Special brunch once a day (incl. salads & vegan options) and quality surprises

Please note that the registration order is important but not our only priority.

If you register in couple, your partner does NOT have to register. If you are the partner of one of the invited dancers, but you are not invited for any reason the registration does not mean that you are automatically in. Thank you for understanding!

If  you do not have a great time at Secreto we will give you back your entire registration fee, but due to the nature of Secreto we have a non-refund policy for cancellations.

We will follow the current Hungarian governmental COVID regulations, but there are none at the moment.

The contribution is 160 EUR (incl. transfer costs) 

that includes

  • Approximately 36+ hours of quality dancing
  • Sandwiches, Fruits, snacks, cakes,  actual coffee, cappuccino, various tea, water, lemonade during the whole weekend steadily
  • 2 special brunches (once a day)
  • Afterparty on Sunday evening